Selecting Great Team Members For Your Aircraft Engine Maintenance Team

Selecting Great Team Members For Your Aircraft Engine Maintenance TeamIf you have a growing fleet of aircraft, then you know that you simply can’t expect to keep an eye on all of your planes by yourself. Odds are good that you will need to start growing your maintenance team.

The more people you have focusing on the core maintenance tasks of your aircraft, the better your airplanes are likely to perform, even in the event of challenging weather conditions or the unexpected.

When it comes to HR, technical hiring is one of the most important tasks that you can deal with in your business. Your aircraft maintenance mechanics will truly have one of the most critical safety responsibilities in your enterprise.

When you’re recruiting for such a delicate and sensitive job, how can you make sure that you are going to get true excellence from every potential employee? There are several different routes you can take.

Try A Practical Interview

In the tech world, a practical interview consists of programming or computer engineering problems that the interviewee will have to deal with in a limited time. This approach can also carry over to aircraft engineering and maintenance.

If you have a spare aircraft engine with defined problems, you might present it to one or all of your interviewees to see how well they can diagnose it and suggest repairs. If no engine is easily available, you can describe the situation and see what they come up with.

Look For Ongoing Education

Experience is critical when it comes to aircraft maintenance, but not every flight engineer will have experience with every different kind of engine or aircraft. In order to fill in the gaps in their knowledge, dedicated personnel devote themselves to continuing education.

To ensure that all of your candidates are as serious as possible about their work, check into how much continuing education they do and what associations they hold memberships in. Associations often have some basic requirements for staying involved in the industry.

Ask Them About Their Interests And Preferences

As with many other fields of endeavor, people who are deeply interested in aircraft engines will usually have preferences about them and how they should perform. Start your aircraft engine maintenance interview by discussing different types of engines and recent innovations.

By putting a strong focus on aircraft engine maintenance, you are already taking a huge step in the right direction for your flight ambitions. Make sure every member of your team has the same quality-focused values before you fly!

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