The Importance Of Aircraft Engine Maintenance In Charter Jet Services

The Importance Of Aircraft Engine Maintenance In Charter Jet ServicesWhile aircraft engine maintenance is an important part of any passenger aircraft service, it may be particularly important for charter jet and jet sharing services that target wealthy patrons.

Business class travelers who use charter jet services have a tendency to travel thousands of aerial miles per year more than the average traveler. This makes them more concerned about potential aircraft issues than others might be.

Likewise, even when the costs are relatively low compared to an equivalent amount of business class airfare on a commercial airline, charter jets users can be finicky. These services are generally marketed to clients who have an “elite service” orientation and expect excellence.

While the average flyer will put up with a certain amount of confusion or poor service because of limited options, flyers using charter services will have a tendency to look for alternative options if they notice any kind of maintenance issue.

This is even true if they have been using a given service for a relatively long time.

Don’t Trust In Inertia — Do Everything You Can To Ensure Excellent Maintenance

What can you do to ensure that customers enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride that will keep them coming back? Consider these ideas to ensure your aircraft engine maintenance is up to par.

Use The Latest Monitoring Systems

Many different aircrafts now have exceptional monitoring systems for the health of the aircraft engine as well as other components of the craft. These can provide great early warnings for many issues.

Be Aware Of Any In-Flight Issues

Having a second officer in the cockpit is standard procedure, but having a third officer present can also help in the detection of handling issues that might go unnoticed during long flights, especially at night.

Step Up The Maintenance Schedule

Aircraft engines will ultimately have to be replaced for newer alternatives as parts wear down. In some cases, too much maintenance can be counterproductive — but in most situations, checking into things as often as every flight can lead to significant ROI.

Keep Your Aircraft Going With A New Engine

When it comes to new aircraft engines, be sure that you are working with an authorized MRO so that you can be certain of the value you are paying for. A new engine will help your aircraft to run more smoothly and more quickly for thousands of flight hours to come.

Covington Aircraft can help you to ensure you get a smooth flight every time — suitable for your most discerning and demanding customers.

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