A Closer Look At The Incredible PT6

A Closer Look At The Incredible PT6The field of air travel is one filled with a tremendous amount of stories, triumph, and difficulties. Not only do different people figure heavily into the history of aviation, but so do different machines. And among the various engines and aircraft components out there today, few have as strong a pedigree as the illustrious PT6 engine. It’s such an iconic part of aviation that it’s very deserving of a closer look on its own merits.

The PT6 was created by Pratt and Whitney, a Canadian manufacturer. Today it remains the most popular type of engine within its engine class throughout the world, and is used in everything from airplanes to helicopters and beyond. In the past, it was even used in things like racing cars, speed boats, trains, and more. That versatility helped contribute heavily to its popularity and its reputation.

The engine itself is a turboprop style design, and can deliver between 580 and 1940 shaft horsepower depending on the specific variant you choose – small models like the PT6A are the most popular but larger versions do exist. Additionally, turboshaft models of the engine are available for helicopters – models like the PT6B fall into this.

But it’s the airplane model that really stands out. Perhaps the most well-known attribute of the PT6 is the reliability it offers. Some models have more than 9000 hours of use on them – a huge number compared to many other models available today.

So, with such a strong history, it becomes clear that the PT6 may be a great choice for you and your aircraft as well. However, you’ll still want to take the time to make certain that it fits your aircraft and is fully compatible with it. Look into the overall level of power you need from an engine and then think about the model that matches your needs the closest. Do that, and you should have no trouble getting the PT6 model that’s right for your aircraft.

This engine has a reputation for excellence that it’s earned over the years. Once you add it to your fleet, you’ll likely see just why so many others have loved it and what it offers for so long.

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