Why An Authorized MRO Is The Right MRO To Turn To

Why An Authorized MRO Is The Right MRO To Turn ToKeeping an aircraft in the air is a big job, and it goes far beyond just the pilot in the cockpit. Just like any other machine, an aircraft requires a lot of care, maintenance, and occasionally a repair job in order to keep it ready to fly. While most fleets will have some of their own maintenance technicians on hand, at some point you’ll have to consider the use of an MRO to help you.

There are plenty of different reasons that you’ll need to trust an MRO – from jobs that are too large for your team to the simple fact that you have too much work to handle at once. However, knowing when the time is right for an MRO’s assistance isn’t usually as difficult as knowing which one to turn to.

Trusting an Authorized MRO is always the best call. The “Authorized” designation means that an official aircraft or engine manufacturer has given an MRO their seal of approval to work on and replace their aircraft components.

However, going deeper than the basic ‘seal of approval’ aspect of it is something that could help highlight some of the more specific benefits offered only by an Authorized MRO. Here’s a look at some of those benefits.

• Better Access To Components – While engines like the R-985 are still very common, that doesn’t mean that it’s always easy to find the parts needed to repair them. A good, authorized MRO will have direct connections with the manufacturer, which means that they’ll also be able to find the parts needed quickly for your engine.

• More Familiarity With The Engine – Since the MRO is authorized to handle certain engines, they’ll have plenty of experience working solely with those engines. This means that they’ll be more familiar with every aspect of one of the engines, and will in turn be able to complete a job faster and better than those who haven’t worked with the engines as frequently.

• Better Prices – Combine the two points above and you’ll see why in many instances you’ll actually get lower prices from an authorized MRO than you would from another source. Since the parts are easier for them to obtain and they’re able to complete a job faster due to their experience levels, it’s more likely that you’ll save money.

• Better Quality – Finally, and most important, is the level of quality. Safety is paramount when it comes to aircraft, and knowing that an authorized MRO has taken care of the maintenance or repairs means that you don’t have to worry that the quality of the work is shoddy or that your planes – and pilots – are in danger.

Simply put, it’s far more beneficial to use an authorized MRO than you may realize. These are just some of the key reasons why that is.

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