How To Find The Best Source For A New Engine

How To Find The Best Source For A New Engine No matter if you’re in charge of a fleet of aircraft or only own a single plane, there may come a time when maintenance and repair just don’t cut it anymore. When you need to replace your engine entirely, you need to be able to find a source for the engine that you can trust – not only to give you a fair price, but also to give you a dependable aircraft engine and good service.

It can seem difficult to find that source, but if you keep a few simple points in mind you should have little trouble finding the right engine from the right company.

Here’s what you should remember:

• To start with, look at what kind of engines are offered by a company. This doesn’t just mean the brand or style, but also whether or not you can purchase new or reconditioned engines. Often, you can save money with an overhauled, reconditioned engine and it’s good to know that you have that option.

• Pay attention to the service, maintenance, and repair services a company offers. If you can actually get your engines worked on from the same place you purchase them, you will be able to put a bit more trust in their engines.

• Look at a company’s reputation and their history. Pay attention to what others have said about them. The internet makes this incredibly easy to do, and just a quick online search is usually all that it will take.

• Look for certifications and authorizations. For example, finding an Authorized Pratt and Whitney MRO means that you’re dealing with someone who has the respect of the company that manufactures and engine and that their services will be much better and more dependable.

• Finally, trust your gut instinct. The odds are good that you will form an opinion quickly about a company once you talk to their representatives or visit their facility. If it seems odd or ‘off’ in some way, you may want to consider looking around more. You’ll know a good company when you find one, as simple as that sounds.

You need to find the right source for your engine since it will be responsible for keeping your aircraft in the air throughout the future. Take your time and make certain that you think about the steps listed above, and you should be able to track down the most trustworthy, dependable company out there.

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