The Key Reasons An Authorized MRO Is Worth Turning To

The Key Reasons An Authorized MRO Is Worth Turning ToIt doesn’t matter if you need a basic tune-up, a major overhaul, a serious repair, or even a total replacement engine for your aircraft – when you need work done, you need to find someone that offers good service, a fast turnaround time, and a fair price. And while it’s true that there aren’t as many aircraft MRO or repair shops out there as there are auto repair shops, you will still have plenty of choices to make.

When you start looking for the company you’re going to trust your aircraft with, your best bet is to turn to one that is an authorized MRO. This may seem like a minor distinction, but it is something that can have numerous advantages for you and your aircraft. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the key reasons you should turn to an authorized MRO whenever possible.

• More Experience With Specific Engines – When an MRO is authorized by a specific manufacturer, you can bet that they’ll have more experience working on the engine from that company. And more experience translates to better results during repairs and maintenance. Other companies may not have even seen some of the more obscure engines from a particular manufacturer, but an authorized MRO will have.

• More Resources – This is one that often isn’t considered, but the fact is that authorized MRO facilities simply have access to more resources including those offered by a manufacturer. Hard to find parts, special tools, and even information that may not be obvious can all be obtained by an authorized MRO while a less reputable company may not even know where to begin approaching a problem.

• Better Prices – Thanks to their improved experience and their ability to get jobs done quicker – not to mention their direct line to parts – an authorized MRO will often offer lower prices than others. It’s not always the case, but it’s more common than you might think.

• Better Results – The overall results you get from an authorized MRO will be far better than from another company. If you’re serious about getting the best results, it’s always in your best interests to trust those with more experience, skill, and resources. It leads to better results, which leads to safer operation and improved performance.

These four things should help highlight just why it’s so vital that you take the time to look for an authorized MRO instead of just trusting a less reputable company. If you want the best for your aircraft, you’ll need the best working on it, so be sure that you find the right service when you need it.

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