Why Finding An Authorized MRO Is So Important

Why Finding An Authorized MRO Is So ImportantIn the aircraft field, a lot of different factors are important. Everything from routine inspections to maintenance to choosing the right new engines or parts for your aircraft will influence its performance and lifespan. And just as choosing the best parts or engines and choosing the best maintenance schedules are important, so is choosing the right repair, maintenance, and overhaul provider. In most cases, finding an authorized MRO is the best option.

The primary reason is that authorized MROs will offer you the best level of service for all of the associated engines. It’s just like with a car – certain mechanics are much more experienced and prepared to work on a particular make and model. For instance, an authorized Pratt and Whitney MRO will be far more capable of working on Pratt and Whitney engines than one who isn’t authorized. They’ll have more resources, more tools, more parts, and more experience and thus will be able to give you better results.

In fact, some mechanic or overhaul locations won’t even work on specific engines or specific company products. This means that for some engines you may have to seek out those who are authorized to work on them and replace them. This is especially true for some of the radial and turbine engines that are still in use today – engines that we at Covington Aircraft work on regularly.

You’ll also likely get a better overall guarantee on work. While not all providers offer guarantees, those who are fully authorized will stand by their work in ways that others simply won’t. And pricing is generally much more fair and honest. With certain maintenance providers, prices can suddenly double without a warning. Authorized companies will work to provide you with the best estimate of price first, and then you’ll be updated if prices are increased. And for most jobs, the prices are lower thanks to the ease of access to parts that the authorized dealer will have.

If you have any type of aircraft engine need, you owe it to yourself to find the pros and let them handle the job. Authorized dealers, overhaul facilities, and repair centers are the best way to get the right kind of service for your engines. Here at Covington, we’re proud to be certified in working on, selling, and overhauling some of the leading turbine and radial engine brands. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you.

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