Just What Is Aircraft MRO?

Just What Is Aircraft MRO?There are plenty of different terms in the aviation field that those involved will learn, and one of the single most important aspects of the industry is without a doubt aircraft MRO. But just what is MRO and why is it so important that you utilize it on a regular basis? At Covington Aircraft, we believe that you need to know the facts about this subject, and taking a closer look at the basics will help you understand those questions and more.

MRO stands for Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul, and each of these things is important for the longevity of your engines and your aircraft. MRO is a vital part of keeping an aircraft’s lifecycle as long as possible. Since your aircraft is an investment you’ll be using for a long time, MRO is used to keep them working safely and at their peak performance. It’s important for several reasons including:

• It saves you money
• It keeps pilots and passengers safe
• It extends the longevity of your investment

Simply put, you can’t afford to ignore MRO. Here’s a closer look at each individual aspect of it.

• Maintenance – Maintenance is the foundation of MRO and of your aircraft’s life. Regular maintenance will ensure that no issues exist within your aircraft and helps to prevent problems from occurring. Regular maintenance is an investment since it will often allow you to avoid the more expensive repairs that ignored issues can lead to.

• Repair – Repairs are just what they sound like. When an issue is spotted in your engine or aircraft, it must be dealt with immediately. Failure to do so could lead to an accident or to total failure of a part.

• Overhaul – Overhaul is used to help rebuild and retool engines in a significant way. Think of it as a tune up, only to the extreme. It’s a combination of maintenance and repair, and could be what is needed to get an aircraft back into the air.

In many cases, you’ll likely have someone on standby at your own facility to handle basic inspections and minor repairs or maintenance. But you’ll also need to find a good MRO facility to handle the larger jobs that could arise. This is especially true when you manage multiple aircraft. At Covington Aircraft, we pride ourselves on delivering the very best MRO results to our clients every time. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you and for your aircraft.

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