Top Five Things To Think About When Looking For Aircraft Engines

Top Five Things To Think About When Looking For Aircraft EnginesWhen you finally decide that the time is right to buy a new aircraft engine – whether you need an upgrade or need to replace one that has broken down permanently, finding the right one is important. There are plenty of choices out there, and you’ll have a lot to think about. At Covington Aircraft, we know just how important getting the right engine for your needs is. With that in mind, here are some of the top things to keep in mind to make your decision a little easier.

1. Type Of Engine – This doesn’t just mean the brand, but also the type of engine you need. While modern technology has brought new engines onto market, the radial and turbine style engines remain among the most popular due to their reliability, longevity, and excellence performance. Size also matters, and it’s important to pay attention to the size of engine in order to ensure you get the right kind of power.

2. New, Used, or Refurbished? – While a new engine will obviously offer extra peace of mind, there’s certainly nothing wrong with considering a refurbished, overhauled, or used engine. Many of these can match the performance of new engines and still save you money.

3. Maintenance Requirements – Also think about just how much maintenance you’ll need to focus towards your engine. Obviously, all engines need maintenance on a regular basis, but you should still think about just how much time your team will need to spend focusing on keeping an engine working properly. Some models require more work than others.

4. Price – Price matters, but don’t let it be the first thing that drives your purchase. Instead, look at the type of engine, its performance, maintenance needs, and reliability and then consider the price.

5. Source – Also think about the source, not just the engine. Buying an engine from the wrong source could bring big troubles. Look for a certified provider of aircraft engines. This is a major investment, and you need to buy from someone that you can trust, not some shady garage that doesn’t even have a website.

If you’ll keep these five things in mind you should be able to buy your engine with confidence. At Covington Aircraft, we offer not only repair and maintenance, but also sales of the best engines in the industry. Contact us to start tracking down the perfect engine for your needs.


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