Should You Outsource Your Maintenance And Repairs?

Should You Outsource Your Maintenance And Repairs? Let’s face it – owning an aircraft can get expensive. It’s incredibly rewarding, whether from a personal or professional standpoint, but at the same time there’s no way to deny that aircraft owners will spend a good bit of money on the purchase and regular upkeep of their aircraft. 


That upkeep aspect of ownership is one that deserves a closer look since regular care of your aircraft is an absolute must. At Covington Aircraft, we know that it can seem like an expense you can avoid, but the reality is that regular maintenance is an investment that can save you big bucks. And if a repair is needed, it’s pretty much unavoidable. But for many owners, the question is whether or not outsourcing maintenance and repairs is right for them.


If you own a single plane and use it only for your personal transportation, the odds are that you’ll outsource anyway. But those who own multiple aircraft or who use them professionally may have at least one mechanic on hand to handle a number of different jobs. This is fine, but it’s still worth a closer look to see if outsourcing can help.


First, the odds of you having all of the tools and technology on hand for serious maintenance and repair are slim. A serious overhaul center will have everything needed and then some. As such, those major repairs and maintenance steps are a lot easier for them to handle. It will reduce turnaround time and decrease the chance of errors occurring.


It’s also important to understand that there is a big difference between the most basic maintenance steps and total maintenance and overhaul. Your mechanic will likely have no problem running basic visual inspections and fluid changes. But when it comes to major overhaul, that involves delving deep into the engine and making adjustments that can influence everything about your aircraft. Usually, it’s a better option to let the pros take over in this situation.


Finally, if you have multiple aircraft and only a single mechanic, the odds are good that they can’t really keep up with all the tasks that they’ll be faced with. Outsourcing lets you keep your mechanic working on minor repairs and maintenance while your fleet keeps flying at its best.


At Covington, we specialize in all types of repair, overhaul, and maintenance on both radial and turbine engines. We’re ready to help you with whatever you need, so don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more.

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  1. Aircraft must undergo routine periodical maintenance according to its manufacturer’s maintenance manual to ensure its airworthiness. Aircraft used for personal flying must follow a continuous airworthiness maintenance programme so that it is readily available for use at any time. It is therefore advisable that other than pre-flight checks, rest of the maintenance is outsourced to an MRO holding a current approval from the regulatory body of the state.

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