The Key Steps To Great Engine Repair

The Key Steps To Great Engine Repair Humans have been flying for more than a century, ever since the Wright brothers took that first historic flight in 1909. Things have changed a lot since then, but one thing that remains the same is that any aircraft will need routine maintenance and repair from time to time. When something goes wrong with your aircraft, it’s easy to panic. There are numerous aspects that may need to be considered, and getting help from a professional company that specializes in repairs is usually a must.

But there are still a few things to think about concerning your engine repair. Before you do anything else, we here at Covington think that learning a few key steps to getting the right results from your engine repair is important. Here are some things to think about:


  • The first thing you should do is, obviously, to make a mental note of anything you can related to the problem. Things like what noise it is making, what kind of performance issues are happening, how long it’s been since the last maintenance on the engine, and whether or not any damage or other issues may have happened to lead to the problem are good questions to ask yourself. 


  • Do a visual inspection. Look for damage, leaks, and any other clue that may suggest what the issue could be. This is often all that is needed to unlock a good idea about what’s going wrong. 


  • Determine the type of engine you have. Unless you’re using a mini-jet type aircraft, you’ll likely have a radial or turbine engine. This is important to know since you’ll need to take the aircraft to a repair specialist that is capable of working on that type of engine. 


  • Speaking of which, you’ll need to find a good repair expert. Use only one that meets all of your standards and all industry standards, and one that you can fully trust to take care of your aircraft. 


  • Finally, once it’s repaired be sure that you keep your aircraft maintained and working properly. Recent studies found that more than 34% of accidents involving aircraft are related to poor maintenance. Regular maintenance is much cheaper than the major repairs it will prevent. 


At Covington Aircraft, we focus on providing the best level of repair for turbine and radial engines. Our skilled team is ready to help you when something goes wrong, so don’t hesitate to contact us today to find out more about what we can do for you and your aircraft.

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