Is It Time For An Engine Upgrade?

Is It Time For An Engine Upgrade?If you’ve had your aircraft for a few years – or longer, in most cases – there will likely come a moment when you start to realize that it isn’t really what it once was. Repair and maintenance are two expenses that are necessary within the aviation field, but for many, a moment may arise when the time has come for a totally new engine. Your aircraft body may be in great shape, but sometimes a new engine is something you need. It’s not always easy to figure that out, however, and at Covington Aircraft we want our clients to make the right decision for their needs. That means figuring out whether or not an upgrade is the right call for them.

There are a few different things that can help you determine this. Consider the following to help you figure out if the time is right for a new engine.


  • First, think about just how old your engine is. Radial and turbine engines are made to last, and the chances are slim that you’ll need a new one after two or three years. But if you’re flying on a twenty year old engine, it may be worth considering an upgrade. 


  • Is your engine damaged? If it’s taken damage due to debris, an accident, or some other issue and the damage is somewhat significant, it may be better to replace than to repair. 


  • Have you noticed serious performance issues? If you or your pilots can notice obvious problems with the engine and the way it operates, and if you’ve had recent maintenance but no positive results came from that maintenance, you may need to consider an upgrade. 


  • Are you spending too much on repairs and maintenance? There is no question that regular maintenance is a vital part of owning an aircraft, but if you’ve recently noticed that your aircraft is spending more time in the shop than it is in the air, the upgrade may be a right call.


  • Do you need more power or better fuel efficiency? Older engines simply can’t perform as well or as efficiently as modern radial and turbine engines. Sometimes an upgrade is something you want just to boost your engine performance. 


We can help. At Covington, we offer overhaul, maintenance, and repair – but can also help you with all of your upgrade needs. If you think a new engine is right for you, contact us to let one of our experienced professionals help.


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