The Simple Secret Tips Of Aircraft Engine Maintenance

The Simple Secret Tips Of Aircraft Engine MaintenanceDid you know that about 34 percent of all the accidents that occur in the aviation world each year are related to poor maintenance or improper installation? It’s true, and the number may actually be higher according to some studies. While flying is still statistically safer than driving, the fact remains that keeping your aircraft working properly is vital. And the only way to do so is to keep your aircraft maintained properly.

There’s another reason that maintenance is so important – money. Anyone who has ever paid for a major aircraft engine repair knows that the process of repair can be far, far more expensive than regular maintenance will ever be. 

At Covington Aircraft, we offer certified maintenance and overhaul services for radial and turbine engines, including some of the most popular and reliable engine models out there including the R-985, the R-1340, and the PT6A. But we also want our customers to know that there are plenty of steps they can take as well that will help keep their engines working properly. Remember the following to make sure your aircraft keeps working the way it should.

  • Check your fluids. Just like a car, your aircraft requires fluids in order to stay lubricated and to run properly. Never neglect the process of keeping your fluids in check. In fact, checking them before every use of the aircraft is a good idea. 
  • Use the best. While certain oils, fluids, and fuel will cost slightly more, it’s usually because there’s a big difference there. Take the time to consider that using a better product could improve the longevity of your engine. 
  • Do a spot check on a regular basis as well – once again, before each use is a good idea. Take a few minutes to do a visual inspection. You’re looking for leaking fluids, cracks, and any damage you might spot. Don’t fly if you find an issue. Doing so could only make things worse. 
  • Find a maintenance provider you trust, and set up routine visits. Don’t think of a maintenance visit as an expense. Think of it instead as an important investment that will protect your aircraft and your pilots in a big way.

We’re ready to help with all of your maintenance needs. Taking the above steps seriously will help improve the level of performance of your engine, but it’s always important to let a professional handle the process on a regular basis as well. Contact us to set up routine maintenance and start getting the most from your aircraft again.

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  1. Any machine will perform its function for which it is designed provided its operating instructions and the recommended maintenance programme are strictly followed as laid down by its manufacturer. Machines having moving parts especially in the case of an aero engine should undergo periodic overhaul while in use, to establish its integrity and operational safety. Once you follow these tips you don’t have to foresee any problem. In addition a system of regular monitoring of the engine parameters is advisable to detect impending problems in advance so as to plan the required maintenance action.

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