A Look At The History Of The PT6 Engine

A Look At The History Of The PT6 EngineHere at Covington Aircraft, we are able to deliver work on a wide range of engines. But we all have our favorites, and for many of us the PT6 engine remains one of our all-time favorite engines. It delivers power, reliability, and much more and as a result it’s remained a constant figure throughout the history of aviation.  Whether you’re looking for a new engine or just want to learn a little more about your PT6A, here’s a quick look at the long and interesting history of this engine.

  • The original PT6 was introduced in 1963 and immediately began to be implemented in aircraft around the globe. 


  • The design team added a two stage power turbine in 1973. This helped boost fuel efficiency and improve overall power in a big way. 


  • 1984 saw the introduction of the integral bladed rotor, or IBR. This reduced the overall number of parts inside the PT6A and helped improve efficiency of the engine significantly.


  • The mid 90s into the new millennium was a period of change. Many industry experts expected that Very Light Jets would reduce the interest in turboprops. However, the PT6 innovators continued improving the engine and as a result demand for it continued to remain strong, despite the estimates to the contrary. 


  • In 2010 the manufacturing process for the PT6 was given a major upgrade by the addition of the CVIS, or Computerized Visual Inspection System. This is an automated inspection tool used to check the quality of every engine created by the company, and dramatically increased the integrity of the engines. 


  • Today the entire manufacturing process for the PT6 is computerized, from the initial part design and beyond. While a team of professionals still oversees production, the precision provided by computers has helped to enhance the manufacturing process significantly.


The PT6A continues to evolve and change, and already the newest models offer improved cruise, take off, and climb capabilities than any model in the past. And it’s a safe bet that the company will continue introducing innovations to the engine throughout the future, helping it to remain a popular option in the aviation field.


Today, the engine is a hallmark of power. It delivers 4 times more power than the original 1963 model and has a 20 percent improved fuel consumption rate. As such, it’s easy to see why it’s become a legend in the aviation world. If you need maintenance, repair, or to purchase a new PT6A, we’re ready to help. Contact us at Covington today to learn more.

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