The Top Aspects Of A Great Aircraft Engine MRO Service

MROEngines have been and are expected to remain the largest sector in aircraft maintenance and overhaul, due in no small part to the maintenance requirements that need to be followed. About 80 percent of all engine MRO is outsourced today, and different services offer different levels of excellence to you.

It’s important to take a look at what each MRO shop has to offer in order to make sure you find the one that can serve you the best. And while there are numerous things that will likely stand out, a few aspects of an MRO service are the main things you should look at. These include:

Turnaround TimeYou’ll want to make sure that your MRO service has the fastest turnaround time possible to ensure you can quickly get your aircraft back where it belongs – in the air. Time is money, and fast turnaround means better profit for your business.

Total InspectionsComplete inspection of any engine is important. Radial engines in particular need careful attention to ensure that they are properly tuned and safe to operate. As such, it’s vital that the MRO facility you use completes the most thorough inspections possible. It helps with safety and with repair costs down the road.

AuthorizationSome MRO facilities aren’t set up or certified for work with certain engines. You’ll want to be sure that you find one that is fully authorized for repair and maintenance of your engine, or else you may not get the level of service you deserve.

ExperienceCertain engines require a more familiar level of care. You will want the most highly trained, highly experienced technicians working on yours. Models like the PT6A turbine or radial engines like the R-1340 or R-985 really benefit from having a pro work on them, and a good aircraft engine MRO will offer experienced maintenance you can depend on.

PricePricing should be the final thing you consider. It’s important that you pay attention to everything else first. While getting the best price is important, if you start by looking at price you may find a cheap MRO service that doesn’t measure up in performance. Make sure it’s a trustworthy source of overhaul, then look at price.

At Covington Aircraft we offer top level aircraft engine MRO on radial and turbine engines. We’re ready and willing to help you with whatever maintenance you need, so be sure to contact us when your engine needs overhauled, maintained, repaired, or even replaced.

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