Knowing The Different Types Of Aircraft Engines For Sale

Different typesYour aircraft or aircrafts will most likely be one of your most important major investments, and it’s important to take care of them properly. But even with the right kind of maintenance there may come a time when a new engine is needed. Whether it’s from constant use that’s can’t be overcome with a basic repair, a desire to upgrade to get better performance, or something else entirely, our team of aviation experts at Covington Aircraft can help you find the right engine for your needs.

But just because we can help you find that perfect engine, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t know a little more about what types of engines are out there. There are two main types of aircraft engines for sale – the radial engine and the turbine engine. Both will get your plane up and flying, but they operate a little differently.

The Radial engine is designed with one or multiple rows of cylinders sitting around a crankcase. The crankcase is located in the center of the engine, with the cylinders arranged evenly – usually with an odd number of cylinders in each row. It’s a very common design that offers good performance and long lifespan. However, it does require that regular maintenance be undertaken in order to keep it running at its best. Some examples of radial engines for sale include the R-985 and the R-1340.

Turbine engines use a turbine to drive the propeller. The primary benefits of this design is that it offers high power while also requiring less maintenance than some other options out there. It’s also more efficient when in use, netting better fuel mileage and better performance. The upfront cost may be slightly higher, but the resulting efficiency and improved power can make it worth it. The PT-6A from Pratt and Whitney is a perfect example of a good turbine engine, but not the only option out there.

It’s important to talk to an expert in overhauling and repair before you make your purchase. In some instances a certain engine just won’t work with a specific plane, while in other instances you may have several possible options and need to choose the best one. Spending some time looking at what is needed from the engine, how it will be used, and your budget will all have a direct impact on the one you choose.

At Covington Aircraft, we can help you choose the engine that is right for you. We offer a wide range of aircraft engines for sale, and our experts will help you find the perfect one. Contact us today to get more information and find the engine that you need to get flying again.

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