Finding The Best Price On PT6A Engines For Sale

PT6A EnginesWhen your aircraft suffers a serious mechanical problem, you’ll likely be forced to figure out exactly what options are available quickly. You probably rely on your aircraft to help you travel or to help you earn a steady profit, and as such getting it back into the sky fast is a must. If the engine is the issue and your aircraft uses a PT6A from Pratt and Whitney – or a similar turbine engine – we can help. At Covington Aircraft, we offer service, repairs, and PT6A engines for sale at the best prices available.

Of course, it’s easy to simply say that we offer the best prices. If you’re not entirely convinced, you should take a few minutes to run through a couple of easy steps that can help ensure that you find the absolute lowest price when you buy a replacement PT6A.

• Start by simply comparing some prices quoted online. You’ll likely get a solid look at just what the average price of PT6A engines are.

• Don’t forget that you need to have the engine installed. Many prices don’t include the actual installation, and some distributors don’t handle installation at all. We offer sales as well as installation to ensure you get an easy to understand price immediately.

• Also, pay attention to whether or not you’re looking at a refurbished engine or a new one. Refurbished will obviously cost less, but many sources won’t actually alert you to the fact that this is what you’re buying. Make sure you know what you’re getting for your money.

• Look for guarantees. A low price guarantee is the key here, and allows you to buy your engine with total confidence that what you’re getting is the best option out there.

We believe in getting your airplane back into the air quickly and for the right price. Whether it’s a corporate model or an agricultural one, we’re ready to help. Our prices are the lowest available, and our overhaul facility can handle all of your needs. Be sure to contact one of our representatives to find out more about what we can do for you, what our pricing options are, and why we’ve become the trusted source of engine work and sales for countless satisfied customers.

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