New, Repaired, And Overhauled Aircraft Engines: It’s What’s For Dinner

New Repaired And Overhauled Aircraft EnginesIt doesn’t matter what you use your aircraft for in the business world – a grounded aircraft means lost money. Any time your precious aircraft sits on the ground because of engine problems, you lose money. Any time your aircraft sits because you have missed your engine overhaul, you are losing money. But when it comes to engine maintenance, the old adage applies; you need to spend money to make money.

Keeping up on your engine maintenance is an ongoing process. You need to keep a detailed log of any work done on your airplane to meet regulations and keep the craft up in the sky. But the whole maintenance portion of owning a small engine commercial aircraft doesn’t need to be that difficult. You can outsource the entire process to Covington Aircraft.

At Covington Aircraft, we specialize in small engine commercial aircraft and we pour out decades of experience into each and every craft. We routinely work on the PT6A engine from Pratt and Whitney, as well as the R-985 and R-1340 radial engines. But feel free to enlist our services for any type of small aircraft engine. It is our passion to keep you and your business up in the air.

We will work with you to meet all of your maintenance needs, whether it is a complete engine rebuild, a scheduled overhaul, a light overhaul, or an engine replacement. Plus, we take the burden of upkeep, and that includes those detailed maintenance logs. You need to keep a detailed maintenance log in order to meet regulation and keep that craft in the air. Let our technicians take of your engine and take care of your log.

You’ll feel good about enlisting our services because of our commitment to the mission field.. Our owner started Covington Aircraft with the goal of helping missionaries spread the gospel throughout the world. We take our profit and promote those missions by helping with their aircraft needs. That means your money goes to help those in need, whether they are in third world countries overseas or right next door. Our profits are driven toward charity and the word of the God, so your investment in your business becomes a charitable endeavor.

And that is the difference here at Covington Aircraft – we invest in people first. We believe that by investing in people throughout our community, we make Oklahoma, the country and the world a better place. We are aircraft people and that is how we can affect change in the world.

If you have a passion for your business, promoting people and are driven by faith, then we are the small aircraft company for you. We started humbly, with our owner sweeping up the floors at an Oklahoma airport in order to pursue his passion – small engine aircraft – with the long term goal of changing the world. Invest in your aircraft and invest in your community. Contact Covington Aircraft to take care of your small engine needs today.

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