Importance Of A Rental In The MRO Process To Keep Your Business In The Air & Off The Ground

Importance Of A Rental In The MRO Process To Keep Your Business In The AirYou want to keep well out ahead of the maintenance process for your small engine aircraft. If you have a fleet, it can be a chore to juggle the overhaul schedule for your aircraft. You need to make sure that each aircraft needs MRO at a different time. Otherwise, you are left with a hanger full of grounded planes all being worked on at the same time.

Unfortunately, you can’t juggle just one or two aircraft. The maintenance schedule is bound to have a conflict with your in-flight business. It is critical to get a rental during the MRO process so that you can keep your aircraft in the air; keep your aircraft making you money.

The PT6A engine is a complicated little aircraft engine. It is our passion, here at Covington Aircraft, to maintain and overhaul these classic and dependable engines. But working on these aircraft takes time and that time can cost you money without a rental.

We want to do a thorough job overhauling your engine during the MRO process. We meticulously revamp and document any changes that we make to your engine and aircraft, and we stand by our work. While we try to make these repairs as quickly as possible, you safety and the dependability of your aircraft are our number one concern.

When it is your aircraft’s turn for some MRO, reach out to Covington Aircraft. We can take care of the engine overhaul, put more hours into your engine and maintain your aircraft’s resale value. We can also lead you to a local rental. We can hook you up with a plane that performs the same services as your small engine aircraft. You and your fleet can continue to make money while your small engine PT6A aircraft receive the TLC that they deserve.

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