What It Means To Be An Internationally Recognized Distributor & Designated Overhaul Facility

What It Means To Be An Internationally Recognized DistributorAt Covington Aircraft, we sure have carved out our little niche. If you take a tour of our easy to use website, then you will recognize that there isn’t a whole lot of history listed. You won’t read any articles about how the company started. You won’t see how Covington Aircraft has slowly grown into an internationally recognized authority on the PT6A, R-985 and R-1340 small aircraft engines. You won’t read about how the company invest in people first, reaching out to charitable endeavors all over the world.

The company was started by a young man named Paul Abbott. Paul returned to his home state of Oklahoma a decorated soldier from Vietnam. He set right out to pursue his passion – small engine aircraft. So, he did what every other red-blooded American male would do – he picked up a broom and got to sweeping. He took small jobs around the airport in order to be around those beloved planes. He saved his money and kept his eye on the prize, which, originally, was to set out on a mission to spread the word of God.

But something funny happened along the way; he met a woman named Betty. Together, they transformed their original intent of personally going out on missions to helping those going on missions. They realized that Paul’s small engine expertise, especially when it came to PT6A and radial engines, was better served in support of others work. By keeping missionaries throughout the world in the air, they could help more people and the word of God could reach across the globe. Together, they settled down and established Covington Aircraft.

Paul’s passion for helping those in need can really be seen in Covington Aircraft’s work. They pour everything they have into every repair, overhaul, engine replacement and rental. The company was founded on the principle of investing in people first, so every repair made by Covington Aircraft has the operator and business owner in mind; not profit potential or margins. The little aircraft company with humble beginnings started to make waves because of quality work; quality work fueled by a simple mission; to put people first.

Since Paul and Betty’s passion is to keep missionaries throughout the world in the air with their passion, Covington Aircraft’s work can be seen in small engine aircraft throughout the world. This is how their international fame has spread. But it hasn’t gone to the heads of the people over at Covington Aircraft. They keep their heads down, working on that simple mission – put people first.

And that is what being an internationally recognized distributor and designated overhaul facility means to us. It means that we are being recognized for putting people first. It means that we are staying true to the mission that Paul set out to accomplish all those decades ago. It means that we put people first and it shows in our work. That’s what we’ll continue. Contact Covington Aircraft for your small engine overhaul today. You will feel the Covington Aircraft difference in the treatment, professionalism and work.

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