The Importance Of In Depth Knowledge Of The PT6A For Effective Maintenance, Repair And Overhaul

Knowledge Of The PT6A For Effective Maintenance Repair And OverhaulSmall engine aircraft work much differently than larger commercial aircraft. They use different engines, fuel types and safety equipment. You can take your small engine aircraft to any old aircraft maintenance hangar for you overhaul, but you may want to think twice. You may want to take your business’s aircraft to someone who knows the PT6A engine intimately. You may want to take your aircraft to a company that is committed to a passion for small aircraft that started decades ago.

At Covington Aircraft, we’ve been working on PT6A engines for decades. It was the passion of our founder, a decorated Vietnam veteran named Paul. He started the company by sweeping the floor at the local airport because he was pursuing a dream and a passion. He wanted to be around his favorite PT6A engine.

His passion has led to intimate knowledge of all PT6A engines. You may not have even known that there are different types of PT6A’s, but at Covington Aircraft, we do. We can name them all and have mechanics that know each type like the back of their hand. Our mechanics will pour their knowledge into you engine overhaul and they will only use OEM approved parts.

Our mechanics passion and knowledge lead them to use only the best parts that seat and bed quickly, safely and effectively. The original manufacturer approves all parts and operations that we perform. This ensures reliability, durability and safety for you, your aircraft and your pilots.

Other aircraft maintenance facilities work on all types of engines. Their mechanics will follow the rules and overhaul your engine by the book. Their work will keep your aircraft in the air, but their work is not backed up by passion and depth of knowledge. That is the difference. Our passion and depth of knowledge will keep your aircrafts in the air longer, with improved safety and durability.

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