What Are Aircraft Engine OEM Approvals And Why Is This Important In An Overhaul

What Are Aircraft Engine OEM Approvals And Why Is This Important In An OverhaulYour aircraft is due for an engine overhaul. Whether it is a PT6A engine from Pratt and Whitney, or the R-985 and the R-1340 radial engines, you want the best work done to maintain your aircraft’s resale value. But your main goal during an overhaul should be safety. You want your plane’s engine to be overhauled with OEM approved parts. This is the safest way to perform a full engine overhaul.

Aircraft parts are no different than car parts in the fact that there are OEM parts and aftermarket parts made by a third-party. Third party parts makers need to meet a certain standard set by the federal government to ensure the safety of the parts when they are installed on the plane. That might make you feel better about an overhaul that uses third-party parts, but the original manufacturer are the people that know the exact fit and finish of every part.

The original manufacturer uses the original machines that made your engine. So, if your engine needs a replacement rotor, the original manufacturer’s new rotor will fit inside the engine best. Every part that is replaced on your engine during the overhaul needs to seat and bed. This process is streamlined, takes less time and is easier using OEM parts.

Sometimes a manufacturer teams up with a third-party part manufacturer. In this case, the OEM manufacturer approves all new parts that are produced for your small engine aircraft. This means that you can depend on the OEM approved parts for you aircraft.

Third party parts makers will claim that their parts are not only safe, but they are better than the original parts. This is a bold claim because they aren’t aware of the original manufacturers fit and finish when it comes to making those parts. These new parts may take longer to seat in your aircraft’s engine, and they may not fit exactly right.

At Covington Aircraft, we take your safety seriously. We only use OEM approved parts during our engine overhauls. This ensures that your engine runs smoothly, quickly. It also ensures that your plane retains its resale value. Since the parts have the proper fit and finish, you can depend on their operation; you can depend on their safety. Contact Covington Aircraft today to schedule your small aircraft’s maintenance. Keep your aircraft in the air, stay safe and keep making money.

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  1. This sounds interesting and I’d like some additional feedback if possible. I have experience in powerplant applications and had a desire to do something worthwhile with my time and energy. Do you have representation here in Florida, specifically Brevard County?

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