What Is An Aircraft Engine Light Overhaul?

What Is An Aircraft Engine Light OverhaulYour TBO isn’t just about your safety; it is also about the resale value of your PT6A engine and aircraft. Your aircraft will not sell very quickly if your maintenance log books aren’t kept up to date. You want to have a reasonable amount of work done on your engine at all recommended intervals so that the next prospective owner knows that the airplane is in tip-top shape.

A light overhaul is a great way to keep your maintenance log books full without emptying your wallet. The light overhaul is different than a full overhaul because it focuses solely on the most important parts of the PT6A engine. This ensures the safety of your flight beyond TBO, extends the life of the aircraft and lets the aircraft retain the most resale value.

Covington Aircraft knows that maintaining a PT6A engine can be expensive. Sometimes that TBO sneaks up on you and hits you with an expensive overhaul. But that doesn’t need to be the case. You can choose a light overhaul because it costs roughly half of what a full overhaul costs. This can save you money if you currently can’t afford a full overhaul, or you can have a light overhaul done just before selling your craft so you don’t have to cover the entire cost of a regular overhaul.

At Covington Aircraft, we take great care in completing the light overhaul and in filling out your maintenance logs. We will make sure that every little detail of our work is logged into your maintenance record so that you can show your prospective buyers down the road. Nowhere in the log will it explicitly say “Light Overhaul”. Instead, we choose to focus on the work completed when filling out the books. Every single job, no matter how large or small, will be recorded and the work will stand for itself. A prospective buyer will be impressed with the quality of the work and the detail of the maintenance log.

Of course, a light overhaul is not just for people looking to sell an aircraft. The light overhaul will earn you another 2,500 of flight time beyond your TBO. That is a pretty impressive amount of airtime for such an affordable overhaul. This allows pilots to stay in the air and make more money. Later on down the road, a full overhaul can be purchased as the 2,500th hour approaches. This allows you to choose your business’s finance options throughout the year.

Perhaps you have expanded your fleet and need light overhauls to keep the entire fleet in the air. The light overhaul is a great option for the entire fleet. Your expanded fleet will make you more money as you work towards the 2,500-hour mark, allowing you to afford full overhauls for the entire fleet at a later date.

The light overhaul is just another way that Covington Aircraft keeps you in the air and making money. Contact us today to setup your aircraft’s light overhaul and get back to flying as soon as possible.

3 thoughts on “What Is An Aircraft Engine Light Overhaul?

  1. I’d like to learn more about the Light Overhaul for a TSIIO-520-UB Continental. I must admit that being able to exceed TBO by 2500 hours seems a bit unbelievable. But, I’m all ears

  2. Normally an operator fixes the TBO of his PT6 engines slightly lower than that of the manufacturer’s recommended figure as a safety measure. Extension to the TBO life is based on the satisfactory performance as well as the inspection findings carried out after the light overhaul. However extension of life of the aero engine beyond the life fixed by the manufacturer should never be attempted. Remember that one should follow a continuous maintenance programme to maintain its airworthiness status.

  3. It’s interesting to learn that when it comes to aircraft there are two kinds of overhaul the light and the full one. Basically, the full overhaul is the time you change and improve all aspects of your plane while the light overhaul only changes the significant parts and is more of a maintenance. That’s astonishing since I never knew how an aircraft can have so many details to keep in mind for safety. I’ll try to read more about this engine overhaul and all in the instance I manage to get my own aircraft. Thanks!

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