The Benefits of Purchasing a Private Plane

Aircraft-Engine-MaintenanceOnce considered a luxury only for the rich and famous, owning a private plane is no longer just for the elite, according to Covington Aircraft, experts in aircraft engine maintenance.  A private plane is perfect for frequent flyers, companies that conduct business throughout the world, and for those who simply want to avoid the hassle associated with checking bags, lines at security, and uncomfortable seating in an airport.  Even with fuel costs and required aircraft engine maintenance, owning a private plane could actually save money.

Avoid Big Hub Airports

One of the biggest benefits to owning a private plane is that you can avoid those big hub airports and fly from smaller facilities.  A private plane allows you to park in a private parking lot for free at most airports, take a short shuttle to the terminal where transport drivers load the luggage.  Luggage remains with the passenger at all times, so there is no concern about lost bags.  On a private plane, the pilot views identification of passengers, and although the pilot has the right to search bags, there are no body scans, removal of shoes, belts or jewelry, and no x-ray machine.

Freedom of Travel

Another benefit to owning a private plane is the freedom to fly whenever you choose, at whatever time you choose.  If you are running late getting to the airport, the private plane waits.  Unlike commercial jets, which have set departure times, a private jet allows you to take off when it is convenient.  There is no need to miss part of your trip simply because you couldn’t get a later flight.

Amenities of Private Planes

Unlike commercial flights, private planes allow passengers to eat and drink whatever has been preordered for the flight.  For business travelers, the flight can be an impromptu business meeting without interference from other passengers.   Many private planes have laptop connections, fax machines and satellite television.  Passengers can get up, change seats and walk around during long flights.  Many private planes also offer sleeping space to accommodate those on overnight flights.

Covington Aircraft, a leader in aircraft engine maintenance, wants you to enjoy the ultimate in luxury with your own private plane.  For more information on radial and turbine engine overhauls, or maintenance and repair, visit  You can also find us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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