Aircraft Fuel Nozzles

Aircraft Fuel Nozzles may sound like a little part when it comes to a plane, but they play a critical role in keeping you flying safely.

That’s why Covington Aircraft provides PT6A aircraft fuel nozzles at competitive prices — and, with a 24-hour turn time, you can be back in the sky sooner.

Covington also does extensive testing on your aircraft fuel nozzles to make sure they’re functioning at their peak. They perform an incoming and outgoing spray check, and provide a full diagnostic report to the customer.

Most of the time, Covington will provide the customer with the same set of aircraft fuel nozzles they send in, but if you’d like an exchange set of aircraft fuel nozzles, Covington has those available as well.

By replacing your aviation fuel nozzles as needed, you can help prevent your engine from needing a major overhaul sooner than it should. And, when the time comes for that engine overhaul, well, Covington would be happy to help you with that as well.

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