Aircraft Engine Maintenance: Engine Driven Fuel Pump

As specialists in aircraft engine maintenance, Covington Aircraft understands the importance of regular maintenance on engine driven fuel pumps, especially during an aircraft engine overhaul.  Knowing the different types of aircraft fuel pumps is helpful to understanding the aircraft engine maintenance your plane requires.


Gear Type Constant Displacement

A gear type constant displacement fuel pump is installed on the engine accessory gearbox with a quick-attach-detach ring, allowing for easy removal and installation of the pump during aircraft engine maintenance.  The pump has two stages, with the high pressure stage on the left and the low pressure stage on the right.  With every rotation, the fuel pump delivers a continuous supply of fuel at proper pressure to the engine, which provides the maximum flow necessary for nozzle spray that powers the aircraft.


Piston Type Variable Displacement

Another type of aircraft fuel pump is the piston type variable displacement pump.  The difference between the two types of pumps is that pump displacement changes to meet fuel flow needs within the engine.  In most cases, two pumps are installed and connected in parallel, as often one pump is not sufficient to meet the needs of the engine.  This also occurs to protect against engine failure should one of the pumps fail. This type of pump includes a rotor and piston, as well as a maximum speed governor and relief valve mechanism.  Because this type of fuel pump operates differently than gear type constant displacement pumps, aircraft engine maintenance differs somewhat.

Understanding the types of aircraft fuel pumps that are found on different aircraft is important to understanding what type of aircraft engine maintenance is necessary.  It is important to keep your aircraft engine maintained properly to achieve maximum performance of the engine.  For more information on engine driven fuel pumps, give us a call at 918-756-8320.  Make sure you join our online communities on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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