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History of Aviation Part Seven Today’s Aviation

The history of aviation is rich and colorful, with 13th century inventors trying to find a way for people to fly and the famous flight at Kitty Hawk.  Today’s aviation has caught the same pioneering spirit evident in the Wright Brothers, Frederick Brant Rentschler, and William E. Boeing…… more.

History of Aviation Part Eight: Today’s Aviation

From the Wright Brothers’ historic flight at Kitty Hawk to today’s corporate jet, the history of aviation has grown tremendously over the past century.  One of the leading aircraft manufacturers, Pratt & Whitney, and later United Aircraft Transport Corporation, developed today’s air-cooled radial engine with faster, safer and more easily-controlled aircraft………read more.

Aircraft Engine Overhaul Prices: What You Need to Look For

One of the most important requirements in owning an aircraft is understanding aircraft engine maintenance, so an aircraft engine overhaul may be necessary to keep an engine running like new.  An overhaul consists of removing, disassembling, cleaning, inspecting and repairing an aircraft engine.  Costs can run high with the extensiveness of an aircraft engine overhaul, thus it is important to know what to consider before choosing an overhaul company…………read more.

Aircraft engine overhauls: New versus Overhauled parts

In our series of posts intended to demystify the aircraft engine overhaul process, we at Covington Aircraft want to detail the differences between using new and overhauled parts in an engine overhaul, so that you can make the best and most informed decision possible when TBO time comes around again……….read more.

The AOPA Presents Spring Break for Pilots: The Sun ‘n Fun Airshow, Fly-In and Expo, 2012

The 38th Sun ‘n Fun Fly-In & Expo will begin on March 27 and run through April 1 , 2012.  This annual event takes place at the Lakeland Linder Regional Airport (LAL), Lakeland, Fla., which is also the location of the Florida Air Museum.  Located northeast of Tampa, this location is close to many other attractions in the central Florida region.  If you have any interest in aviation, this is a great way to spend some early outdoor time, enjoying the great Florida springtime weather.  The airshows alone are worth the trip, but that is only a part of what makes the Sun ‘n Fun Fly-in a great social event………….read more.

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