Covington Aircraft February In Review

History of Aviation Part One: The Early Years

The history of aviation extends much further than Orville Wright’s famous first flight in 1903.  In fact, people have studied concepts useful in flying and the dynamics behind flight since the 1200s……….read more.

History of Aviation Part Two: The Early Years

The history of aviation is full of interesting stories, facts, and statistics that still surprise Americans today.  From Leonardo DaVinci’s creation of the airscrew (which became the model for the propeller), to the Wright Brothers’ historic flight, to the development of rotary and radial engines, the aviation industry has grown tremendously over the past century………read more.

History of Aviation Part Three: World War II through 1980’s

The history of aviation began before the 13th century, progressing on throughout World War I. During the Great Depression, the aviation industry became so successful that Congress instituted specific antitrust laws, ensuring consumers were not victims of monopolies in the airline industry.  In fact, the years between World War I and World War II saw so much growth in the airline industry it gained the nickname “the Golden Age of Aviation.”……….read more.

History of Aviation Part Four: World War II to 1980s

Many historians declare World War II as a turning point in the history of aviation, since it is believed the sheer force of the Allies’ air power defeated the Axis powers.  Despite Germany’s boastings that their air force exceeded the enemies’, the large-scale bombings and development of planes based on weapons systems brought an Allied success.  After the war, many available ex-military planes led to an increase in commercial aviation… more.

History of Aviation Part Five: The Rise of the Corporate Jet

The history of aviation has flown from 13th century inventors only dreaming of a way for people to fly to the historic flight of the Wright Brothers, and through two World Wars.  Commercial jets’ growing popularity and improvements to passenger safety/comfort has made air travel almost as common as car travel.  Businesses now realized corporate jet ownership was not only practical, but also economical……read more.

History of Aviation Part Six: The Rise of the Corporate Jet

The rise of the corporate jet is a recent segment in the history of aviation, since its use did not really begin until the mid-1960s.  Corporate jets were lavish and opulent when they were first developed, but in the ’70s and ’80s many corporations scaled down in an effort to appear prudent in spending.  However, executive jets had a surge in popularity in recent years for several reasons…….read more.

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