Covington Aircraft January In Review

The Importance of Aircraft Engine Overhaul

Aircraft engine overhaul can significantly increase the resale value of an aircraft, but even more importantly, an overhaul can extend the life of an aircraft engine and make the aircraft safer to fly.  Normal wear on the metal parts of an aircraft engine can lead to tolerance increases and poor performance, which could eventually lead to engine failure.  In addition, an aircraft engine overhaul allows for mechanical inspection of the engine to diagnose an issue before it becomes a major problem………read more.

Parts, Maintenance and Overhaul of Engines of Aircraft

Looking for the perfect place to find parts for your aircraft engines ?  Need maintenance on your aircraft’s engine?  Is it time for an overhaul of your aircraft engines?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, Covington Aircraft has just what you need.  An authorized Pratt & Whitney Canada distributor and a certified FAA repair station, Covington offers outstanding customer service through their highly trained and qualified staff……read more.

Aircraft Engine Repair Fly In Facility

When your aircraft engine needs servicing or maintenance, you want to make sure it gets the attention it deserves.

That’s one of the reasons Covington Aircraft created their aircraft engine repair Fly-In Facility.

Located just outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma on the Okmulgee, Oklahoma airport, the Fly-In Facility is nearly 50,000 square feet of state-of-the-art hangar space.  The Hangars are designed to effectively service a variety of aircraft…… more.

Why Is Plane Maintenance So Important?

There is no denying that plane maintenance is one of the most critical aspects of plane ownership.  In fact, the FAA places so much importance on plane safety that they require a thorough aviation maintenance and inspection process for every 100 hours that a plane is used for hire.  For this reason, aircraft technicians must be highly skilled and demonstrate a keen attention to detail when it comes to aircraft maintenance…….read more.

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