The Importance of Aircraft Engine Overhaul

Aircraft engine overhaul can significantly increase the resale value of an aircraft, but even more importantly, an overhaul can extend the life of an aircraft engine and make the aircraft safer to fly.  Normal wear on the metal parts of an aircraft engine can lead to tolerance increases and poor performance, which could eventually lead to engine failure.  In addition, an aircraft engine overhaul allows for mechanical inspection of the engine to diagnose an issue before it becomes a major problem.

Extend the Life of Your Engine

The-Importance-of-Aircraft-Engine-OverhaulOne of the most important reasons for aircraft engine overhaul is that the process extends the life of the engine, much as a tune-up extends the life of a car engine.  Aircraft engines are subjected to rapid heating and cooling during and after a flight and this can put stress on the engine parts.  Lubrication is necessary to avoid metal-to-metal contact that can damage engine parts and create an unsafe flying experience.  By performing aircraft engine overhauls as recommended by the engine manufacturer, the life of the plane engine can be extended significantly.

Better Performance

After an aircraft engine overhaul, many owners report a significant increase in performance, with the most notable improvement in engine vibration.  An engine overhaul allows the mechanic to analyze the various moving parts in the engine in order to adjust any out-of-balance internal parts.  The adjustment reduces engine vibration and improves thrust output.

Resale Value

Another important reason to perform regular aircraft engine overhauls is that it increases the resale value of an aircraft.   In fact, engine overhauls have been specifically listed in aircraft evaluation books at an increased value over planes that have not had an overhaul.  There are several lenders that add the full retail cost of an aircraft engine overhaul to the appraised value of an aircraft.  This further confirms that an overhaul of your aircraft engine can significantly increase the resale value of the aircraft.

Safety should be the prime factor in performing regular aircraft engine overhauls, but the fact that an aircraft offers better performance and significantly higher resale value are also excellent reasons for overhauling an aircraft engine.  If it’s time for an aircraft engine overhaul, reach out to Covington Aircraft.  We maintain, overhaul, and sell turbine and radial engines.  Call us at (918) 756-8320.


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