Aviation Mechanics School is an Investment in your Future

If you are mechanically inclined, and enjoy working on engines and are good with your hands, aviation mechanics school could be the perfect place for you.  Aviation mechanics school teaches students how to inspect, diagnose and repair various parts of an airplane, including engines, propellers, brakes and landing gears, so that they continue to be safe for passengers and crew. Covington Aircraft, who specializes in aircraft engine overhaul, knows that aviation mechanics school and those graduating students are vital to our industry’s future.

covington-aircraftLength of Training

Aviation mechanics school normally takes anywhere from 18 to 24 months,  as the Federal Aviation Association (FAA) requires students to log at least 1900 hours of class time.  It is possible to learn aviation mechanics on-the-job as an assistant, but the FAA still requires 30 months of work before allowing them to take the certification examination.  For this reason, attending aviation mechanics school is the best way to become a certified aviation mechanic in terms of cost savings and the ability to obtain employment sooner.

Other Parts Mechanics Handle

Aviation mechanics not only work on the mechanical parts of an aircraft, they also repair sheet metal and composite surfaces, measure control cable tension, and evaluate corrosion and cracks in various parts of the plane.  At aviation mechanics school, students are taught how to inspect and maintain instruments, retrieve diagnostic data from the many data boxes found on a plane, and maintain all records related to the maintenance of each aircraft.


aviation-mechanics-school-300x200Benefit to Plane Owners

One little-known fact about aviation mechanics school is that it could be beneficial to those who own their own planes, even if they do not go through with FAA certification.  Knowing the mechanical workings of your own plane can save money in maintenance and help you understand what types of repairs are needed.  In addition, knowledge of aviation mechanics could be a benefit should you choose to go into the aviation mechanics business.

Attending aviation mechanics school is a great way for those who like to work with engines, are good with their hands and enjoy mechanical work to invest in their future.  For more information on aviation mechanics school, or to learn how Covington Aircraft can help with the maintenance of your plane, visit www.covingtonaircraft.com.

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