Pratt and Whitney Radial Engine -“A Modern Marvel”

In 1925 many wonderful things were accomplished. President Coolidge became the first president to have an inaugural address to be broadcast over the radio, thus bringing politics into living rooms throughout the country.   No less important, Richard Drew invented a product intended to help bring an easier way to give cars a custom and more precise paint job, your wife may find this product more useful in wrapping Christmas gifts, the invention was scotch tape.   More importantly, at least to the aviation community, 1925 was the year that the Pratty and Whitney Radial Engine, the R-1340, was conceived and brought to life. In Andy Willgoos’s small backyard garage, he and fellow engineer George J. Mead drafted the engine that would be the cornerstone of one of the greatest companies in aviation history, Pratt & Whitney Aircraft.

With almost 35,000 engines produced and a production run that lasted into the 1960’s, the R-1340 has the distinction of being the first radial engine produced by Pratt & Whitney and also the last.

Covington Aircraft, is committed to the overhaul and maintenance of the Pratt & Whitney R-1340 and R-985 radial engines.  We are continually looking for new processes and ways to improve reliability and affordability of the engine.

Covington Aircraft is proud to support the radial engine and we look forward to doing so for many years to come.

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