Vetting Flight Instructor Requirements: Finding the Best One for You

Finding an instructor, who meets flight instructor requirements and who can help you in your quest for a license, requires more than just reviewing their qualifications.

Obtaining a pilot’s license will entail a relationship with someone for a period of time.  This person should be someone you are comfortable with, feel safe with, and who seems to have the most to offer.  Many a teen has had to take driving lessons over because the person instructing them just wasn’t a good fit; a pilot’s license is a much more involved learning process.  Asking for references from others who have taken lessons is a good place to start, but here are some other suggestions to help ensure you get a great start on your flying career.

Start the search knowing what you are looking for in an instructor.

flight-instructors-300x200Write down lists of questions to ask.  The following is a list that can help you get started and may even generate more ideas:

  • What type of flight school is offered?
  • How many flight instructors are at this facility?
  • How many airplanes for training are available?
  • What flight training courses are offered and when are they available?
  • Can I obtain a list of prices?

Don’t be afraid to add or subtract from this list as needed.

Take a look around.

When first visiting a flight school, be ready to spend a little time looking around.  Ask to speak to the Chief Instructor and ask about their program and your schedule.  Take a look at the equipment offered by the school for training and talk to some other students and ask who they train with, if they are happy with their instructor and the school, and why.  This should help to shorten your list.  Remember, the school is as important as the instructor.

Schedule an introductory flight with an instructor you are considering.

You can learn a lot about a pilot and person by taking a flight with them.  Once you have a short list of possible instructors, pick the one you feel most likely will suit your needs and take a flight.  Here is a list of things to look for at the time of the flight.

  • How is the instructor dressed?
  • Did the instructor arrive on time?
  • How organized does he appear to be?
  • How safe does this person make you feel?  Would you feel good or bad about this person taking your spouse or children on a flight?

Again, feel free to add to this list.  This is here to provide ideas, not to inhibit them.

flight-instructors-covington-aircraftMost of all, find one that makes you feel safe and comfortable.

Learning to fly an airplane is a significant endeavor.  It is going to cost you time, money and some nerves.  Don’t be afraid to take the time to find someone who will encourage and enable you to become a good and safe pilot.  There is a lot to learn and a lot to enjoy.  Make sure you don’t cut corners on either.

Flying is one of the great pleasures in life.

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