The Most Unique Planes on the Planet: Aviation Enthusiast Planes

A few days ago we talked about the mythical Pool Plane, John Travolta, and Donald Trump’s gaudy plane.  Today we talk about some of the real deal stuff, the stuff us aviation enthusiasts care about! Happy Flying!

Enough with the jet-set celebrities, here are some planes that are really unique.

sr-71-blackbird-photo-from-lockheed-martinIn the history of aviation, there have been many attempts to make it fly faster, fly higher, and be more efficient while doing it.  Some of the greatest planes started out as being “unusual.”  The SR-71 Blackbird looked like no other plane when first introduced.  The Mach 3+ aircraft was used as a reconnaissance plane because it could fly higher than any fighter and faster than surface-to-air missiles.  By the way, the engines that can carry a plane this size, that fast and that far?  They’re Pratt & Whitney, of course.

Did you ever have one of those foam toy airplanes that looked pretty good and flew?

70663main_proteus_lgWell, take two of those, take the tail off of one and the nose off the other, glue them together so you have a nose and tail with two sets of wings, then run it over with your bike a couple of times and it will resemble the last of our unique planes worth mentioning.  The Proteus was designed by Burt Rutan, president of Scaled Composites LLC, based in Mojave, Calif.  This very unusual looking aircraft is intended for very high flight (59,000 to 65,000 feet) at up to 18 hours a flight.  Designed to be a telecommunications relay platform, other uses are seen as use for scientific atmospheric study, launching small satellites and earth monitoring.  Designed to be usable from many airports with little support, it can be flown by two pilots or remotely.

Going faster, further and longer is the dream of many airplane designers.

It is little wonder that many of them begin with a Pratt & Whitney power-plant.  Pratt & Whitney is the most dependable engine in the world, with some models that can perform for up to 8000 hours before required overhaul.  That is like driving a car engine more than a half a million miles.  At Covington Aircraft, we specialize in the PT6A turbine and R-985 and R-1340 radial engines for corporate, commercial, and agricultural aircraft.  We are also a Pratt & Whitney Canada authorized Distributor and Designated Overhaul Facility.  We carry a complete line of engine parts and strive to give you the fasted turnaround at a competitive price.  Committed to Integrity, Dependability, Affordability, and Quality Service, Covington Aircraft has been keeping planes flying since 1972 and is a full-service, world-class facility.

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