Great Places to Fly: Around the World

Welcome to our “Great Places to Fly” series from Covington Aircraft. Part one will focus on great places to fly around the world.  Feel free to read our suggestions, but please leave your favorites as a comment below or reach out to us on Facebook and Twitter to leave your thoughts! So saddle up into the cock pit, pick your destination, and once you get there, relax, enjoy, read a book or two, and create some lasting memories!

The first thing you have to decide is, “Do I want a great flight, a great destination, or both?”

This world is a beautiful place.  There are few better ways to see it than from the cockpit of your own plane.  Airline traffic is set to routes; if your plane passes over something interesting, great!  Flying your own bird means that, within the parameters of your flight plan, you can make decisions on what you want to see.  There are also many fantastic destinations that are well worth the trip, whether it is for shopping, sightseeing, natural beauty, or a sportsman’s holiday, there are many places from which to choose.

Europe, in a paragraph?

To try and cover Europe, or any continent, in one paragraph is silly.  The best one can hope for is to relate ideas rather than full descriptions.  There are many great destinations and flights over, across and in the European continent.  What it comes down to is, what do you want to accomplish with your flight?  The following are a few locations and what there is to see.

Pembrokeshire_Coast_National_Park-1Pembrokeshire National Park, Pembrokeshire, U.K.

Airport: Haverfordwest (Withybush) Airport (HAW/EGFE), Fishguard Road, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, SA62 4BN – 2 paved runways, 5000 and 3608 feet, no lights, no scheduled control.  Access the website here.

Pembrokeshire National Park:  Taking up a full one-third of the Welsh County of Pembrokeshire and all of the seacoast, Pembrokeshire National Park offers many activities along its rugged and scenic coastline.  There is a wealth of hotels, bed-and-breakfasts, cottages and campgrounds from which to choose.  The airport is located in the middle of the green rolling county and within easy access to all that there is to offer.

The Greek Island of Kasos.

Airport: Kasos Island Public Airport (KSJ/LGKS), Kasos, Greece – 1 paved runway, 3221 feet,  lighted, contact for control and landing fees and diplomatic clearance.

The-Greek-Island-of-KasosThe island municipality of Kasos is a collection of islands that are the southernmost islands in the Aegean Sea.  The airport is located in the main settlement of Agia Marina, which is where the majority of accommodations can be found.  Lodging can be had for very reasonable prices.  The island of Kasos is literally a mountainous island holding up the beaches that surround the shoreline.  There are even different types of beaches, ranging from large to small pebbles of many colors, to desert beaches.  The cuisine is varied and interesting due to its proximity to Crete and Italian influences.  There is little arable land on the island, much of the fare is caught fresh from the surrounding seas as well as brought in from the surrounding areas.  Off the beaten path, easily accessible and with the full Greek flavor.  The flight through the islands is some of the most picturesque in the world.

So, take your journey around the world, getting your passport stamped along the way! Remember, before you leave, make sure your engine is in tip top shape! If you ever need our services, give us a call and we are there for you!

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