Top 3 Overhauled Aircraft Engines at Covington


There are many different types of aircraft coming and going, our skilled mechanics are constantly on the move, and so they really helped us out coming up with our list.

1. Agricultural Aircraft

An agricultural aircraft has been built or converted for agricultural uses, usually aerial crop spraying or fertilizing, and sometimes they are used for hydro-seeding.  Most of these agricultural aircraft are fixed wing models. Agricultural aircraft enable food production and fiber cultivation, which helps feed and clothe people around the world.  Agricultural aviation is extremely vital to the world’s food sources.

2. Bush or “Back Country” Aircraft

Bush planes use a variety of aircraft but there are a few more common aircraft types, such as: the DeHaviland Beaver and the Single Engine Otter. These flight models provide passenger comfort as well as hauling huge freight loads to remote areas.  Bush planes are usually used when there is no other way to get supplies in to a secluded area.

3. WarBird Aircraft

WarBird aircraft is usually designated by type: fighter, trainer, bomber, jet, etc. and then by manufacturer. They are often considered to be luxury items, but they also provide a great link to our nation’s aerial history.  WarBird aircraft are typically owned and maintained by individuals, museums, and/or flying clubs which are committed to honoring the legacy of our aviators. War Birds are commonly seen at air shows and many of them are still in excellent flying conditions.


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