Overhaul and Maintenance Expert: Ron Hollis

Ron-in-Hangar-300x225Ron Hollis is a man who’s been around and seen a lot of things in his 28+ years of experience in airplane overhaul and maintenance at Covington Aircraft.  He learned his trade working in Covington’s Radial Division as well as a stint working on his own as a Field Service Provider, selling Covington overhauled aircraft engines and accessories.  Ron came back to Covington in 1988 and assisted Covington Aircraft in an effort to diversify its overhaul services.  Research that he helped to conduct led the company to choose the Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A series engine as an addition to its existing R-985 and R-1340 overhaul capabilities.  The company felt that the reputation of quality of the PT6A series engine aligned well with the reputation of quality at Covington Aircraft.  Ron served as Chief Inspector for the Radial Division and his personal commitment to quality helped the company to launch its Turbine Division in the mid 1990’s.  Ron says that Aircraft maintenance is not for the faint-hearted; it requires a strong commitment to quality!

Ron was sent by Covington to Pratt & Whitney Canada for factory training on a variety of PT6A turboprop engine models.  Ron said. “Learning the turbine engine was a radical change for me.”  It was a change he picked up extremely quickly, and it launched him down the path he’s on today.  Aircraft engine overhaul and maintenance has always been a joy to Ron and his time working with PT6A engines has been well spent.

Now, Ron has moved to helping with Covington Aircraft’s customer base with a new role as Customer Support Representative.  “This job affords me with a wonderful opportunity to work with people around the world,” says Ron.  Switching to an office position took some adjustment, but everyone at Covington is thrilled to have Ron working in such a vital capacity for the company.

Covington has been like a dream for Ron, who obtained his Pilot’s License from Letourneau University along with his A&P Mechanics license.  Covington Aircraft has given Ron the ability to work in the aircraft engine overhaul business; which he’s grown to love and appreciate.

Ron has been with the company for almost 29 years and his experience is a valuable asset to Covington.  As a company, Covington is working to use his experience in training others within the company to make sure the valuable knowledge, skills and experience Ron has accumulated over the years are not lost!

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