Covington Aircraft: Quality and Trust, Certified Pratt and Whitney Canada Distributor

Quality and Trust at Covington Aircraft
Quality and Trust at Covington Aircraft

Covington Aircraft maintains a firm commitment to quality service and trust, to both the corporate and agriculture aircraft markets throughout the world.  As a certified Pratt & Whitney Canada Distributor and Designated Overhaul Facility, we strive to uphold not only our own integrity and dependability but are trusted by Pratt & Whitney Canada to uphold their strong, reliable reputation as well.

Dedicated to God and family-owned, we concentrate on what matters most. Making our services affordable while staying true to our core values is essential to our commitment to our faith, and to our customers.

In the words of one of our employees:

“If there is no trust, you will always be worried about your safety.  A lot of others shops try to just move people in and out to get their cash and move on.  Covington strives to build a relationship with customers based on trust and not just on how fast we can solve the issue.”–Ron Hollis

Covington Aircraft is not just a company that specializes in the overhaul and maintenance of Pratt & Whitney Canada R-985 and R-1340 radial engines but also sets an example for all companies with its tried and true dedication to being a valued, honest support system in the aircraft industry.

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